How to remove formaldehyde after decoration? 5 ways to make a new house no longer smelly!


Many people are worried about the gas emitted from newly renovated houses. There seems to be no better way other than opening the window to dissipate the smell. In fact, there are still many ways to quickly remove the peculiar smell of decoration. So, how to remove formaldehyde after decoration?

How to remove formaldehyde after decoration:

1, use a basin or small Fill a container such as a bucket with cold water, then add an appropriate amount of vinegar or green onions to a ventilated room, and open the furniture door. In this way, a proper amount of evaporating water can protect the surface of the wall coating, and it can also absorb and eliminate residual odor.

2. To quickly remove the residual paint smell, you can soak a cotton ball with citric acid, and then hang it indoors and wood furniture, but this is too troublesome. Many people use tropical fruits to remove peculiar smells, which are not only effective, but also low-cost and simple. For example: jackfruit or grapefruit peel, these are good for removing the chemical odor of newly decorated houses, and the effect is remarkable.

3. Plant green plants. Studies have shown that Tigertail orchid and Chlorophytum can absorb more than 80% of the bad gas in the room. Aloe is also good at absorbing formaldehyde, which can absorb 90% of the formaldehyde contained in one cubic meter of air. Of course, there are also green dills that are particularly good to feed. After the house is renovated, move to the new house, where the master bedroom, second bedroom, living room, kitchen and other locations are placed. The survival rate of these plants is also relatively high, just remember to water regularly.

4. After the house decoration is completed, you can buy some activated carbon. Activated carbon has a good adsorption effect and can absorb excessive formaldehyde gas in the new house. Wrap the prepared activated carbon and place it in a conspicuous place such as a closet, balcony, TV cabinet, etc. After ten days and a half months, it will be obvious that the peculiar smell in the new house is not so severe.

5. Open windows for ventilation. This is the traditional method of removing odors, but when opening doors and windows to let off the odor, pay attention to the time and method, otherwise it will cause the wall to crack and affect the decoration effect. Try to open one or two windows when scenting, do not open all doors and windows, because the air convection is too large, which is not good for the decorated wall.

The above is an introduction to how to remove formaldehyde after a small new house is decorated. After reading the above content, everyone should know how to do it, especially for the first one. It is very necessary for newcomers to decorate to master these methods of removing formaldehyde, not only for themselves, but also for the health of their families.

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