How to remove the scale of the shower

The time of the New Year is getting closer and closer, and many families have begun to clean up the household hygiene. The cleaning of the bathroom fittingshas always been a big problem, especially the cleaning of the scale of the shower, which can be said to be stumped by people. So how to remove the scale in the shower? It turns out that most of the dirt is caused by the accumulation of alkali in the water over time. Long-term contact with the human body will not only cause certain damage to our body, but also reduce the amount of clean water supply. There are many ways to remove these alkali scales. Use the common daily methods to teach everyone to remove alkali scales, so that any more scales can be easily solved in the future. 1. Clean with baking soda. Baking soda is commonly used in the kitchen and is usually used to make pasta. Heat the baking soda with water in a pot, then take the shower out to soak. Pay attention to be sure to completely soak the shower head in water. For cleaning that is not good for disassembly, you can use a bag of soda water, put on a detergent, and wait for 30 minutes with a dry towel. 2. Toothpaste is also a great decontamination. Like human teeth, the decontamination ingredients in toothpaste can effectively remove stubborn stains. After applying toothpaste on the faucet or shower head, gently brush it with a large brush to rinse the toothpaste away. Some subtle areas can be reapplied with toothpaste and then cleaned with a small brush. Here are a few points to remind everyone: When using toothpaste, do not touch water, because water has a certain lubricating effect and can reduce friction; it is best not to use concentrated sodium hydroxide solution to clean the more difficult stains, you can try loofah, dry Items such as cloth, so as not to leave marks on the surface of the shower. 3. In fact, edible vinegar can also be used. Vinegar is very common in daily life. It can not only remove stains, but also disinfect indoors. After applying the vinegar with a small spray bottle, gently spray it on the surface of the sanitary ware. For stubborn stains, you can soak it with a vinegar paper towel, and wipe it on the shower surface for a period of time to clean it up. The above points are just a few small methods of how to remove the scale of the shower, and it is very convenient to use in life.
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