How to remove the smart bathroom mirror on the bathroom wall?

Since most of the current smart bathroom mirrors are easy to disassemble, it also makes them very easy to disassemble. Generally, the installation of smart bathroom fittingsmirrors is to drill holes on the wall, install two screws and rubber particles, and then connect the live and neutral wires on the smart bathroom mirror to the live and neutral wires on the wall, and finally hang on the wall. It's finished on the top. For the disassembly steps of the smart bathroom mirror, we only need to reverse the installation steps. First of all, you need to turn off the electric switch before disassembling. After confirming that there is no power through the test pen, you can disassemble the mirror. Both disassembly and installation of the smart bathroom cbm mirror must be carried out in a non-electric environment. Safety is the most important! The disassembly steps are as follows: 1. First take off the smart bathroom mirror hanging on the wall and place it on the bathroom cabinet. Put a foam or other stuff under the bathroom cbm mirror to avoid damage to the cbm mirror surface. (I didn't turn off the switch when I took it down here, but for safety reasons, please turn off the switch before disassembling.) 2. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the wire of the bathroom mirror connected to the terminal. 3. The bathroom mirrors have been successfully disassembled in the first two steps. Next, you only need to put the bathroom mirrors into the foamed carton, which can better protect the mirror.
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