How to renovate the moldy wall by yourself? What should I pay attention to when refurbishing the wall?


How can we quickly renovate and renovate the walls of my home if the walls are moldy? After a period of use of the walls or after the rainy season in the southern area, the walls often become moldy or even fall off. What should we do about the situation? The moldy wall is not only poor in appearance, but also reflects our life to a large extent, so at this time we must be fully prepared in advance to renovate the wall, so we should How can I quickly renovate and renovate the wall?

1. Clean the wall

How to renovate the wall mold at home? If the wall is moldy, it is easy to often When the phenomenon of powdering and falling occurs, it is often the basic removal from the wall during the renovation and transformation, and the more severely powdered parts are cleaned up and painted again with cement. We also need to start polishing and polishing treatment after cleaning the wall that has been treated by paint, which is more conducive to every actual operation and painting of post-treatment.

2, apply primer

The moldy wall should be painted with spray paint during the renovation process , Spray paint can reasonably and effectively protect the wall from mildew, water and moisture. It can also be used as a reasonable and effective protection to enhance the texture and actual effect of the spray paint. If you are renovating the moldy wall during the operation process There is no spray paint applied directly to the side paint, which will easily cause the wall to appear moldy and bubbling again in the future, so the painting of the wall spray paint is extremely important.

3. Repair the walls

Some walls are damaged in a small part, but some walls are not damaged at all. For this If a small part of the wall is renovated, it will easily cause chromatic aberration. I have proposed to minimize the restoration of a large area, which will help prevent the overall chromatic aberration from being too large and causing unnecessary aesthetic vision.

2. Precautions for wall renovation

1. Pay attention to ventilation

On the wall In the process of renovation, it is necessary to choose some wall materials such as wall paint. This kind of raw material will often produce a variety of harmful chemical components that adversely affect our physical and mental health. Therefore, we must maintain a good room no matter what Keep indoor ventilation mode at all times, so that harmful chemical components can be effectively volatilized. Only work in old houses with poor indoor ventilation. It is recommended to place multiple electric fans in the room to enhance indoor ventilation.

2. Removal needs to be clean

In the process of cleaning the moldy wall, clean the moldy wall completely. Don’t think that it’s OK to just clean up the moldy spots, because the raw materials on the wall suddenly become moldy and fall to cause the raw materials to oxidize, and the areas on the wall that have not yet moldy are also oxidized, so When cleaning the wall, clean the moldy whole wall. In addition, find a good cleaning range during the cleaning process, and ensure that the cleaned area is as clean as possible, otherwise it will reflect the post-treatment decoration engineering construction There is also the useful life of the wall.

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