How to save floor space in the bathroom?

There are three generally available spaces in the bathroom, namely floor space, wall space and ceiling space. Among them, floor space and wall space should be the two most widely used spaces in our bathroom. Today I will tell you how to save the floor space of our bathroom. If the bathroom is relatively narrow, then making good use of the wall space is a key. In addition, it is to streamline your bathroom equipment as much as possible, and also to choose the volume. Small items that can meet your bathroom fittingsneeds. For floor-standing bathroom products, we can choose items with superimposed effects. For example, a washbasin can be added to the bathroom cabinet, and the washbasin can choose a washbasin that can place items, and then the inside and sides of the bathroom cabinet can also be stored. Then there is a large bathroom product such as a bathtub, and we can also stack a locker that can store things on it. And if you want to save floor space better, then we can try our best to choose bathroom products that can be wall-mounted, such as wall-mounted cosmetic mirrors.
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