How to solve the anti-fog problem of bathroom mirrors?

People often encounter this situation when taking a bath in the bathroom. As the hot water is turned on, a large amount of water vapor will be generated in the air. This gas will not only diffuse in the room, but also be adsorbed on the cbm mirror, causing a thin white mist on the surface of the cbm mirror. This white mist will Affect people to look in the mirror. People usually wipe the mist dry with their hands or a rag before using it. This method is ok but very troublesome. So the question is, is there a good way to solve the glass fog? Recently, there is a very popular bathroom fittingsmirror sold abroad with anti-fog function. The CBM anti-fog bathroom fittingsmirror solves the problem of white fog on the cbm mirror surface due to water vapor, and it facilitates people's daily life.
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