How to use the wall space in the bathroom?

There are three generally available spaces in the bathroom, namely floor space, wall space and ceiling space. Among them, the ceiling space is less used, and the wall space is generally used mainly. Except for some things that must be placed on the ground (such as toilets and bathtubs), they can all be hung on the wall to save space. product manufacturers on the market have also launched many wall-mounted products, such as wall-mounted toothbrush cups, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, wall-mounted makeup mirrors, and so on. If you want to use the wall space to make the entire bathroom fittingslook bigger, it is recommended to choose some wall-mounted furniture when buying bathroom furniture, which can also facilitate daily cleaning in the future. However, because the wall-mounted furniture is fixed by screws, etc., if it is to be removed, it takes one more step of disassembly than ordinary floor-standing bathroom cabinets.
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