How to wax polished tiles?


Whether the polished tiles are waxed depends on the antifouling technology. As for the glazed tiles, there is no polishing at all. Wax is necessary. If the polished tiles are not polished, the pores will not be exposed, and dirt will not penetrate. Glazed tiles such as antique tiles can isolate stains through glaze. After the antique tiles or glazed tiles are waxed, the stains can penetrate into the interior of the tiles with the help of the organic solvent in the wax, forming difficult-to-remove dirt, and it will be polished before waxing the glazed tiles. If the glazed tiles are used for a long time, the glazed surface will If the glaze is worn out or the glaze is too thin, stains will seep in during daily use, which will cause bad results. The surface of the microcrystalline stone is a glass ceramic tile product. Waxing is not recommended, because polishing will damage the glass surface, but it will stain. Tile waxing method-the advantages of tile waxing. Tile waxing method is one of the counterfeit methods, a measure of tile maintenance. Waxing ceramic tiles can decontaminate and polish, increase beauty, and can prevent insects, moisture, cracks, reduce external corrosion and wear of ceramic tiles, and extend the service life of ceramic tiles. It is a necessary measure for ceramic tile maintenance.

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