I heard that this is more elegant?


Marble tiles for home decoration make it more atmospheric. Its texture is deeply loved by all the people. So what is the effect of choosing marble tiles for home decoration?

The marble tiles with dots in the white are precious and elegant. They are snow-white all over, with a delicate texture, clean and bright. Generally, hotels like to use them. After laying, they feel like being in a sacred place, which makes people feel pleasing.

Marble tile DJ8019 jazz white

▲Toilet laying

▲Living room laying

▲Restaurant laying

Marble tile DJ8018 elegant white

▲Corridor laying

▲The bedroom layout

Judging from the above renderings, these marble tiles have a very good laying effect, natural color, pure white and elegant, extending the space, making the overall space clean and bright, the interior is bright, and it looks like the effect of the marble tiles of Minmetals. A magnificent grade!

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