I heard that you like 600*1200 tiles, Jinmangu will launch it! ! !


Now in the building materials market across the country, 600x1200mm ceramic tiles are becoming more and more popular. Compared with the traditional 600x600mm and 800x800mm specifications, the younger generation of customers now prefer to use the taller 600X1200mm specifications for living room tiles. The younger generation has a broader vision and a stronger sense of fashion. 600x1200mm is slightly better than the traditional square specifications in terms of the visual extension of the space or the novelty of the design, so it is understandable that it is favored by the new generation of decorators.

First, fully extend the beauty of the texture< /p>

Negative ion full-body marble tiles need to be presented in larger sizes in order to fully show the extension of the rock veins, especially the 600x1200 mm rectangle can make the texture more vivid and charming!

Second, large-size ceramic tiles reduce the gap, More beautiful

Because the pattern is larger, the texture is clearer, more realistic, richer, and more natural; because it is larger, the production standard is higher, and the quality of the ceramic tiles is excellent; because it is more Larger, better spreadability of the space and a stronger sense of fashion; because it is bigger, its connotation is more abundant......


Minmetals Ceramics has newly launched 600*1200 negative ion full-body marble tiles with many styles. As a tile manufacturer with 15 years of enterprise tile production and operation—— Minmetals Ceramics. New ceramic tiles have been continuously introduced, and the quality is reliable, the price is reasonable, and the service is good. Therefore, it is not surprising to get orders for large and small projects and home improvement from all over the world~!

For 15 years, China Minmetals has been following the trend of continuous progress, launching a variety of new styles for everyone. Welcome to consult, hotline: 0757-82265758/18680030677 (same as WeChat)

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