I just want to know... Which country's bathroom has its own characteristics?


Each country (region) has its own cultural characteristics, such as the thickness of Greece, the mystery of Morocco, the wabi-sabi of Japan, the diversity of the United States, the pioneer of Italy, the rigor of Germany, and the quaintness of China. It turns out that these characteristics can be reflected in the bathrooms of local families or hotels. Come to Minmetals to take you to experience!


If civilization has colors, Greek civilization must be khaki. The bathroom of this Greek family is deeply classical in design and decoration, and it does not forget the current trend in layout. It is a sample of contemporary Greek native bathroom.


Moroccans are warm and mysterious. This space is a reflection of this temperament. The carved windows of the windows and the colored mosaics on the waistline are typical Muslim styles. The three bathroom cabinets placed side by side show that this is the bathroom of a wealthy family.


Wood, stone, concrete, plants, this bathroom is full of Zen, presenting the beauty of solitude, astringency and sadness in Japanese culture. The appearance of smart bathroom brings a sense of modernity to the entire space.

United Arab Emirates

The bathroom of a luxury hotel in the United Arab Emirates is designed with elements such as arcs, gold, marble, and carved flowers to show the true colors of the local tyrants.


Although the bathroom of a rich man in Russia has a typical European design, it does not know why it exudes a feeling of loneliness of the fighting nation.

United States

The United States has no historical burden, and its culture is more diverse. The mural on the bathtub faintly reveals the American dream.


Turkey straddles the Eurasian continent and has obvious cultural diversity. It is difficult to distinguish which style the toilets of contemporary Turks belong to in terms of design. Perhaps this is also a feature.


In this Villa Extramuros in Portugal, the industrial bathroom has a dramatic feel. The bathroom during the day reveals all the details through the skylight, and the two cold materials of concrete and marble collide with a unique beauty.


Italy is always linked to art. This space is a bit avant-garde, but the traditional decorations of candle lights and plaster statues also present some eclectic flavors.


Tuscany, a city in central Italy, has a frugal folklore, and its residential style is full of natural colors. This is a photo of a bathroom taken by a traveler in a local hotel, showing the local customs.

United Kingdom

The British modern bathroom designed by the British architectural studio SHH, the wide application of marble and natural light make every detail beautiful. Two gold-framed bath mirrors add a touch of calmness and extravagance to the entire space.


The open bathroom in the master room of a German family, with the main black and white colors, the bookshelf beside the bed, and the angular bathtub, all revealing the thoughtful and rigorous German character.


Contemporary French young people are romantic and sexy, living casually, and reflected in the bathroom is a slightly changed European style. The introduction of a large number of small objects gives the whole space a brisk and bright feeling, sweeping away the traditional calm and heavy.


The bathroom of a resort in Phuket, Thailand, the bathtub is like a bird's nest, the sink is like a Buddhist altar, and the space decoration also combines the characteristics of Thailand and the island.


New Chinese style is one of the key words of the domestic sanitary ware industry in the first half of the year. This style combines modernity and classicism, traditional and dexterous, no wonder it has become the trend choice.

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