If you buy ceramic tiles from a Foshan manufacturer, pay attention to these when decorating your house


Many customers who bought Foshan ceramic tiles know that some of the ceramic tiles are of good quality, but they do not pay much attention to the small details of the house decoration. Now let me tell everyone, what should be paid attention to when decorating a house?

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After the decoration of the house, the construction staff should be asked to immediately if they find that there is a problem with the tiles during the construction process. Just because it is very likely that the customer did not buy it from the decoration company and found that the paving is in trouble, the construction staff also urgently need the decoration and construction, and will not try their best to help the customer. This is also a very irresponsible practice. Until the tiles are all laid, it is probably because the order of tiling is wrong, the wrong tile adhesive is used, etc., so that if the customer finds the situation, it will be very troublesome to deal with this situation. At that time, the construction workers It will start to shirk with the customer, and subsequent rework will also consume a lot of energy and financial resources of the customer.

So before the decoration and construction, when choosing Foshan ceramic tiles, you need to have a salesperson like the ceramic tile to understand the special properties of the product, such as the order of paving and tiling, whether there is The serial number, what kind of tile adhesive or cement to use, etc. Afterwards, during the renovation and construction, tell the construction master to let them find the problem immediately to the customer, so that we can ensure that there is nothing wrong and the problem can be solved immediately.

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