If you choose to decorate your home like this, you will not regret it after 10 years!


When it comes to decorating the house, I think everyone has spent time and energy on everything, brick by brick, and I’m not satisfied with the decoration. That’s not good. Wear-resistant, non-slip, easy to clean, improve the brightness of the space, but also need to be clean and tidy, it can make the home feel warm, and it is our unified pursuit.

1. Whole body tiles

In the classification of ceramic tiles, the most common ones are no less than any kind of enamel tiles. The reason is that ceramic tiles are relatively simple in color, so they are usually used to decorate corridors and aisles and other places with low aesthetic requirements. Such as walls, they are not recommended.

8FD705-Negative ion tiles-800*800

2, polished tiles

This can be said to be a common one in the classification of tiles. After planting, you can probably guess its manufacturing process from the name. It is based on the floor tile material made by polishing and polishing the general whole body tiles. After these steps, this kind of material can not only show but also compare The smooth and beautiful appearance will also be more resistant to abrasion than normal.

3. Vitrified brick

Because it is a vitrified brick, it is obvious that the brightness of this kind of brick is as shiny and smooth as glass. In addition, it can be obtained by the owner. High praise, it’s water-absorbing ability is also one of the influencing factors, and this is also one of the main reasons why it can stand out among the endless tile classifications nowadays.

8HF009-Negative ion tiles-800*800

4. Glazed tiles

This is based on making the outer layer of the brick A classification product of ceramic tiles made by the glaze firing process. Compared with the previous one, because the glaze is used as the surface layer, its wear resistance will be slightly weaker, but its patterns are more vivid and diverse, the colors are also more beautiful and beautiful, and it also has strong anti-wear properties. Pollution performance.

Use abrasion-resistant polished tiles for the living room: family guests walk around every day, choose high-hardness, wear-resistant polished tiles that are easy to clean.

Use bright glazed tiles in the kitchen: the kitchen is damp, so choose glazed tiles that are non-slip and absorbent and easy to clean and wipe.

8HF001-Negative ion ceramic tile-800*800

Use matte non-slip floor tiles for balcony: long-term exposure to the balcony, in order to avoid problems such as cracking and fading, use wear-resistant , Anti-aging matte floor tiles.

Use non-slip floor tiles in the bathroom: the bathroom is easy to accumulate water when washing, so choose the non-slip floor tiles, the surface texture is thicker and the anti-slip performance is better.

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