If you like Japanese style, do you really know what Japanese style is?


   For the fresh, natural and leisurely, fresh, natural, and leisurely life created by the Japanese style, it may be what people living in the city yearn for. Although this style is widely welcomed by people, many people can't tell what Japanese style decoration is? So what is Japanese style? Today I will introduce some of the characteristics of Japanese style decoration.

  1. Wooden floors are mostly used for decoration.

 Japanese-style houses have floors tens of centimeters above the ground, so that the floor and the ground have a certain distance. The big difference from the European style is that it abandons luxury and pays more attention to expressing elegant, simple and profound Zen through artistic effects. Being in it gives people a sense of fusion with nature, so native wood is an indispensable material for Japanese-style decoration.

  2. Decorated furniture is generally relatively short

 Many Japanese people kneel or sit on the ground while watching TV and eating. For convenience, the furniture is generally not too high. Now, many Japanese women can sit or kneel in many life activities. This is convenient for people’s daily life, and it has also become a living habit. In addition, this is also another reflection of the Japanese style of decoration. Big features, if you want to create a high-quality Japanese-style decoration, relatively short household items are indispensable, and the small Japanese-style sofa reveals a rigorous attitude towards life. And in daily office, Japanese-style sofa is often used in some office places.

  3. Raw wood color furniture

 Mostly, the raw wood color of plants is the main feature, highlighting natural elements, and deepening the rustic and down-to-earth style. The result of the natural element's personal visual influence is that people can be peaceful and calm, and have achieved better meditation and reflection. This is complementary to the rise of Japanese Zen at that time. Even if the walls have gorgeous patterns, they are colorful and not messy, with deep Chinese ancient imprints.

  4. The decoration style is fresh and elegant

In the Japanese design and decoration concept, fresh and elegant tones are mainly used, and the main focus is on the green room, including planting trees And landscape gardens, etc., thereby bringing nature into the atmosphere of the home, showing its unique taste, creating the uniqueness of Japanese style.

  5. Tatami

In short, Japanese-style decoration is characterized by lightness and simplicity, and uses clear lines to make the room layout elegant and clean. It has a strong sense of geometric three-dimensionality, and the created atmosphere gives people a sense of self-evident comfort whether it is visual or sensory.

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