Illuminated bathroom mirrors on both sides

In the LED bathroom mirror, depending on the light-emitting area and the light strip, the bathroom mirror will also be called differently. The more common ones are the inner luminous bathroom mirror and the outer luminous bathroom mirror. The biggest difference between these two types is that the light band of the inner luminous bathroom mirror is inside the mirror, while the outer luminous bathroom mirror puts the light band outside the mirror. Today I will introduce to you the bathroom mirrors that shine on both sides. This two-side light-emitting bathroom mirror is also a kind of internal light-emitting bathroom cbm mirror, and the specific feature is that it emits light on the left and right sides of the mirror surface. In addition, there are also bathroom mirrors that emit light on the upper and lower sides of the mirror surface. This kind of mirror is generally called the upper and lower inner luminous bathroom mirror. The light-emitting bathroom mirrors on both sides are often used in personal homes. mirrors with different lengths of light-emitting areas can also be customized according to the needs of personal homes.
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