Improved full polished glaze--diamond


Improved full polished glaze--diamond

In order to improve the technical problem of the traditional polished polished tiles that are not wear-resistant, ceramic tile experts have developed a proportional glaze that has the same molecular composition as diamond hardness, which makes the ceramic tile After hard polishing, after the second high temperature sintering, a revolutionary product-diamond tile is formed, which is more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and has a strong texture. From another perspective, diamond tiles can be interpreted as an upgraded version of fully polished glazed tiles.

Diamond tiles are polished by hard polishing molds. Although the hardness increases, the difficulty of polishing becomes greater and the polishing time increases, but the polished glaze surface is smoother and over-polished. The possibility of reduction is correspondingly reduced, so as to realize the 'zero water ripple' process.

Diamond tiles use the second-fired super-crystal technology, which makes the base blank of the tile stronger, more stable in physical properties, and not easy to absorb dirt. After multiple application of ds crystal glaze, it is effective again. Reduce the invasion of stains.

Diamond tile edge treatment, smooth glaze texture, surface effect is more generous and natural, flatness close to polished tiles, completely solve the problem of water ripples, better quality Minmetals diamond tiles can be tried seamless Shop.

Silicon and other wear-resistant ingredients are added to the glaze of the diamond, which makes the glaze of the ceramic tile form a molecular structure similar to C60 diamond-like carbon, which can improve product performance indicators and increase the hardness by 50%. Realize high abrasion resistance, and well solve the defect that the glazed polished bricks are easy to scratch in the past.

Minmetals' diamond tiles have higher requirements for the bricks. The thickness of the finished product can reach 11.5-12.5mm, and the thickness of the glass surface can reach 0.5-1mm. The secondary firing super crystal technology is adopted, and the temperature and constant temperature is 1180 degrees. Firing, etc., make the brightness of the diamond reach 92-96 degrees, which can basically replace the effect of polished glazed tiles.

Diamond ceramic tile adopts the second firing super crystal technology and the second glazing process, which makes the glaze layer thicker, the hair color is more uniform, the transition is more natural, the color is naturally more beautiful, and the sense of transparency is stronger. , The imitation stone effect is realistic under the diamond glaze, and the stone effect is highly restored.

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