Installation steps and precautions of wooden fire doors

Installation steps and precautions of wooden fire doors

In the critical moment of life, fire doors can effectively prevent the spread of fire, prevent the spread of smoke and toxic gases in the fire scene, thereby prolonging the escape time and helping life. The new steel fireproof and anti-theft doors also have functions such as anti-theft and automatic switch. Of course, steel (also known as steel) fireproof doors are more expensive than wooden fireproof doors.

The main materials of fire doors are wood and steel. Wooden fire doors are green and environmentally friendly. The price is much cheaper than steel fire doors. Generally, there are more households. At the same time, wooden fire doors are easy to install and cost-effective.

Speaking of wood fire door installation is convenient and quick, then I have to talk about the installation steps of wood fire door and the precautions in installation.

Steps to install wooden fire doors

(1) Install the door frame: First, install the door frame. When installing the door frame, be careful not to install it at an angle, and install it reasonably. The distance between the door frame and the surrounding walls should not be too large. If necessary, it should be filled with cement mortar or rock wool for sealing. When installing fire doors, pay attention to whether they have good airtightness, and fill in the gaps with door gap fillers.

(2) Install the door leaf: The fire-resistant door leaf must be installed in compliance with the standard and with fire-proof performance, and the installation must be reasonable. The installation of wooden fireproof door frame and fan is the same as that of wooden door frame fan.

Precautions for the installation of wooden fire doors

1. When installing the door leaf, it should be installed according to the opening direction of the door, and the fire door must be opened in the evacuation direction. When the time comes, the fire is scorching, and the fire door opens in the opposite direction of the evacuation. This will affect the speed of escape.

2. The door frame should be firmly connected to the wall body, and can be fixed with expansion screws. The gap should be filled with flame-retardant and heat-resistant materials. The installation should be kept straight with the wall.

3. The upper and lower door shafts must be on the same vertical line. When the door frame is welded firmly to the embedded iron, the position should be corrected to prevent displacement and deformation.

4. Fire door closers must be installed in accordance with the instructions to avoid damage during installation. Affect the normal closing and opening of fire doors.

The above is the installation process of the wooden fire door and the 3 precautions. Of course, you can also pay attention to the fire door after the installation is completed, you must open and close it many times to see if there is any unsmooth opening, and the closing gap is too large to be normal Closed and so on.

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