Is it normal for tiles to have uneven textures?


Currently, ceramic tiles not only imitate the texture of marble tiles, but also imitate the texture of marble tiles, and even the 'flaws' of marble tiles are imitating. For example, the texture of marble tiles is concave and hollow, the texture of marble tiles is inconsistent, and even the color difference, and so on.

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But in reality, it is these 'defects' that form the natural nature of marble tiles. Characteristic beauty, otherwise it will be no different from simple ceramic tiles, lacking texture.

When looking at a piece of this kind of tile alone, the texture of the depression seems to be a quality problem such as surface scratches, and the beauty can be found when a large area is laid.

The texture of the concave surface of the ceramic tile requires the techniques of sinking glaze, peeling glaze, flashing glaze and so on. Marble tiles, imitated rough stones, and wood-like tiles all need to use these processes to create texture depressions, peeling cracks, and texture flashing effects.

Some friends may be worried about whether the dents or cracks will cause the tiles to crack. This worry is unnecessary. These are the effects of the surface and will not affect the strength of the tiles at all.

8DL536-Whole body marble tile-800*800

The effect of the ceramic tiles is still different from the defects of the ceramic tiles. If the depression is in the texture, and Every tile has this kind of depression, which is the marble tile effect of the tile;

If the depression is no longer on the texture of the tile, only one or two tiles are present on the surface, that is, the scratch or the tile. There is a problem with the glaze.

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