Is the thicker the tiles the better?


The quality and thickness of ceramic tiles should not be regarded as a primary choice. The thicker the ceramic tiles, the better. It is true that the thicker the brick, the better the quality, and the more confident you will be, but on the other hand, the thinner the brick is beneficial to saving space. At present, there are relevant national standards for the length and width of the ceramic tile size. Regarding the thickness of ceramic floor tiles, the country has not yet issued a unified mandatory standard, which is generally determined by the enterprise. To a certain extent, the thickness of the tile is related to the thickness of ceramic floor tiles. Quality is related, but this is not a criterion. It does not matter if it is thinner. As long as the firing time is sufficient and the compaction density is sufficient, no deformation will occur, and the quality is basically a pass. Although there are no strict regulations on the thickness of bricks in the national standards, there are regulations in terms of water absorption and heat resistance. Therefore, as long as it is a brand, it will strictly abide by this standard, and it has excellent quality regardless of its thickness. Therefore, the quality of a ceramic tile has no direct relationship with its thickness. The quality of a ceramic tile determines the density, dimensional error, and warpage of the ceramic tile. The higher the density, the better its quality.

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