Is your bathroom mirror suitable for you to use?

Is your bathroom mirror suitable for your use? mirror is an important component of the bathroom. It is very particular about the style of the bathroom, the safety of use and even the protection of personal privacy. Nowadays, the appearance of bathroom mirrors is diverse. Or square or elliptical, or a single overall mirror edging, mirror carving, exquisite and practical; or as a part of the bathroom cabinet, with the mirror lamp cabinet, the storage function is powerful... How should we judge which bathroom mirror we should buy Is it both practical and safe? How to choose the right bathroom. With the development of time and society, bathroom mirror products continue to evolve, which greatly promotes the upgrading of bathroom mirror products, and is also at the forefront of innovation. CBMLED bathroom mirror, it has the functions of waterproof, fog, time and temperature display, and has strong serviceability. The quality is also better than general bathroom mirrors of other brands, so consumers can use them with confidence. CBM bathroom mirrors are mainly oval, square and round. The styles are modern, simple and stylish, high-end and simple hotel bathroom mirrors, atmospheric and simple club bathroom mirrors, mysterious European luxury bathroom mirrors, colorful urban fashion bathroom mirrors, generally oval Shapes and circles are more suitable for romantic bathroom environments such as European and Mediterranean styles, while squares are more suitable for subtle, American, Chinese and other more generous and authentic bathroom atmospheres. With different frame materials, you can create a vintage or modern or simple source. The meaning. CBMLED bathroom mirror function and color temperature size thickness CBMLED bathroom mirror function, there are smart LED bathroom anti-fog mirror, time display LED bathroom mirror, bathroom fittingsmirror with Bluetooth MP3 function, bathroom mirror with LED display and other functions, color and size, there are White light, warm white light, blue light, LED seven-color bath bathroom mirror, bathroom mirror pays attention to the harmony and coordination with the entire bathroom environment, which is determined by personal preference factors, so the color of the frame is mainly matched with the theme color of the bathroom wall. The size is recommended to be in the range of 500-600mm (except floor bathroom mirrors), and the thickness is recommended to be about 5mm-8mm. The bath mirror is too thin and may burst and break. CBMLED bathroom fittingsmirror texture materials Silver mirror and aluminum mirror are two common mirror materials at present. Silver mirrors have better refraction than aluminum mirrors, and will appear brighter under the same illumination. The quality is better, especially suitable for dim bathrooms with less lighting. While aluminum mirrors are more economical in price, they can meet the basic mirror needs of daily bathroom. If you need special makeup, you still need to supplement the light with the mirror headlight. Installation styles are mainly divided into three types: large bath mirror, table mirror, and embedded bath mirror. The use of large bath mirrors is relatively popular. It directly closes to the bathroom wall to take a half-length image. It has certain requirements for bathroom space. Table mirrors are also called makeup mirrors. They are relatively small and suitable for women's detailed makeup after washing. The retractable bracket is fixed on the wall. The built-in bath mirror is generally in the form of a mirror cabinet. When decorating, please insert it directly into the small wall cabinet. The cut mirror is glued to the cabinet door. The advantage of the mirror cabinet is that it can save space. It can be used as a bathroom mirror when the door is closed. Daily skin care products, cosmetics, and bath products can be placed in the cabinet. It is a good choice for small-sized bathrooms. How to choose a practical and high-quality bathroom cbm mirror. A simple way to judge the quality of the cbm mirror. When purchasing a bathroom mirror, you can use a straight object in the distance as a reference. Observe the quality from multiple angles from the front, side, and back. The appearance of a good-quality mirror does not appear Bubbles, debris, incompleteness, discoloration and spots, etc., when you move your sight, straight objects will not bend and deform. Which one is better with frame or without frame From the convenience of use, frameless bathroom mirrors are better than framed styles, because the bathroom is often in a humid state, and wood, leather and other frame materials are prone to occur after a long period of time. Change; from the aesthetic point of view, framed bathroom mirrors have advantages over frameless mirrors. Is it necessary to purchase an anti-fog mirror? How can the bathroom mirror meet the anti-fog requirements? Some people say that you can use soap without water, dry wipe the mirror surface, and then use a dry paper towel to gently wipe off the soap marks that are too obvious to prevent the mirror surface from getting fogged. The CBM anti-fog bathroom mirror has its own anti-fog function and is waterproof. The bathroom mirror can be customized to provide convenience and comfort for people's life. High-quality mirrors generally have basic anti-fog and anti-rust functions. You can choose an anti-fog film to be smoothly attached to the back of the bath cbm mirror (the anti-fog film touch power switch is best to be connected in parallel with the mirror light).
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