Jinman Ancient Tiles Bathroom Small Atmosphere


Minmetals ceramic tile bathroom with a small mood

1 Minmetals ceramic tile paving, the unique charm of the petty bourgeoisie space, the white dark-flowered tiles are low-key and restrained, and the large-scale paving on the wall does not feel unassuming. In the washing area and the bathtub, the same series of square tiles with silver flowers on a white background are used, which emphasizes the transition naturally. The floor tiles are white tiles with smaller specifications, with a unified style and coordinated collocation. Because white tiles are used on a large area, the bathroom furniture is in bold red, the color is jumping, and the embellishment is just right. A set of trapezoidal bathroom cabinets, trapezoidal mirrors, and angular geometric lines give the entire space a touch of postmodernism. The purpose of separating dry and wet areas is to separate them according to different functions. Using tiles of different colors to decorate the wall or floor, creating a clear separation between the dry area and the wet area, is a good way to make the bathroom look refreshing and have a sense of design. According to the size, structure, daylighting and actual needs of your own bathroom, choose the matching tiles.

2Minmetals tile paving, the unique charm of golden moonlight. The glazed mosaic tiles, glowing with a touch of silver light, are as moving as the moonlight at night. The wall tiles and floor tiles are made of mosaic tiles of the same specification, all in one go. Because of the large wall area, creative designs can be added to the blank space. For example, the broad-leaved patterned mosaic tiles were chosen here to form an abstract tropical rain forest map, which is very eye-catching. The red and black bathroom furniture is low-key without losing enthusiasm.

3Minmetals ceramic tile paving, unique charm of life Baroque Baroque is a great European art style with a strong romanticism. It pays attention to the spatial and three-dimensional sense of the work, and emphasizes movement and change. This theme space implements the characteristics of Baroque style: the overall design of the space is full of romantic beauty, the three-dimensional purple and white circle tiles highlight the three-dimensional effect, and the wall behind the toilet is decorated with tiles with complex lines and rich colors. Full of movement. In addition, the choice of jewelry also pays great attention to taste and originality. To choose and match the color of bathroom tiles, you can choose tiles of the same size, the same color, but different colors, and be a little bit careful about paving. Not only strive to change the color, but also the direction and shape of the paving can make a big fuss. The color and form of the tiles are contrasted with the surrounding depths, which makes it stand out. Whether it's a classic style or a modern trend, decorating the bathroom wall with color contrast and shape contrast is a good way to save trouble and shine.

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