Jinmangu-Small Tips for Choosing Ceramic Tiles


Minmetals-Small Tips for Choosing Ceramic Tiles

There are many brands in the ceramic tile product market, and the product colors are even more unclear. The number of products is dazzling, and the quality of the products really makes people shake their heads. Thoroughly, Minmetals is here to give everyone a trick again.

Look at the back of the tile: Generally, the color of the back of the tile cannot be yellow or black. A little bit is not allowed. In that case, hi means the tile has impurities, and the tile with impurities is The bad ones are prone to cracks and damage.

However, if its color is too white, it is not good. It proves that there are too many other raw materials in it, and too much of that raw material will cause great harm to human health.

Then it depends on whether the particle size on the side of the tile is fine and uniform, because only when the density is loose, its particles will not be fine or uniform.

If you still don’t understand, you can come to China Minmetals to compare with our tiles and you will know how the other quality is.

Knock on the tiles: tap with a hard object. If the sound is crisp, it proves that the tiles have a high degree of porcelain and good quality, or try hanging down one corner of the tile and tap the middle of the tile with your fingers. In the next part, if the knocking sound is dull and muddy, it proves that the density of the tiles is poor, and the anti-fouling and durability performance is also poor, and vice versa.

Test the water: If you can, you can pour a little water on the back of the tile to see if it absorbs water quickly. If it is not obvious after a while and the infiltration is slow after the water disperses, then the tile will be of good quality.

Of course, it depends on the thickness of the glaze layer: that is, the entire surface of the tile. The thickness of the glaze layer is the thickness of the cross section of the glaze. Because it is thicker, you will not be afraid of cracking or water seepage after using it for too long, and the glaze is the more expensive of the whole tile, the glaze layer is thicker, and the quality is definitely better.

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