Jinmangu teaches you to distinguish the water absorption rate of tiles!


Most consumers must learn to do these small actions before buying tiles, so that they can easily identify the water absorption rate of the tiles when they actually choose the tiles in the future.

One: Preparations

1. Choose a floor tile that needs to be laid in the living room. (Test samples of the same color or similar: one of good quality and one of poor quality.)

2. Take 2 disposable water cups and fill them with water.

2: Practical steps

1. Mark the water cup with a mark to indicate the water level.

2. Drop one third of the cup on the back of the tile and observe the speed of water absorption.

3. With 30 minutes as the deadline, see how much water the two bricks absorb in the cup.

3: Check the test results

It can be found that the quality of two tiles that look similar on the surface is worlds apart. Inferior tiles have a high water absorption rate. , The surface of the tile is cracked due to expansion, and the dirt in the water is easy to be inhaled, and it is easy to produce peculiar smell after long-term use. Therefore, when choosing a ceramic tile, you must first pay attention to its water absorption index. The water absorption index refers to the ability of ceramic products to absorb water to a certain extent. The lower the water absorption, the better.

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