Jinmangu tells you what are the advantages of polished glazed tiles!


1. Full polished glaze is a special formula glaze that can be polished on the glaze surface. The fully polished glaze applied to the fully polished glaze combines the advantages of polished tiles and antique tiles.

2. The characteristic of its glaze is that it is transparent and does not cover the top glaze and the various flower glazes. When the glaze is thrown away, only a thin layer of the transparent glaze is thrown away, and it is transparent. The convex flower glaze is an outstanding work of the beautiful ceramic Marco Polo. The convex glaze is printed on the brick surface by screen printing into intermittent convex glaze, fired and then polished, the effect is even more unique.

3. From a technical point of view, there are two main production processes for fully polished glazed floor tiles. In the process of printing and then glazing, the transparent glaze on the surface is thicker, so the three-dimensional effect is stronger, the transparency is better, and it is easy to polish; in addition, because the glaze is thicker, it is easy to throw. The other is a process used by the original manufacturer of antique tiles, that is, both the underglaze pattern and the surface frit are printed on. This process has high fidelity and low cost, but it is very difficult to polish the glaze. Easy to show up.

4. As a brand-new production process, the full polished glaze is resistant to abrasion, dirt absorption, and exposed, whether in terms of materials, equipment or technology, but the new technology is Perfected in continuous development and experimentation.

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