Key points for purchasing sanitary ware products!

Key points for purchasing sanitary ware products! The frequency of use of the bathroom is high, and the sanitary ware can be used handily, which can improve the overall comfort of the home. Today I will talk about how to choose sanitary ware to make your bathroom fittingspractical, durable and easy to use! Presumably, many homes must be worried when decorating the bathroom. What material countertops have been used for a long time? What kind of washbasin is more sturdy and practical? Hey, novice decoration is really distressed. No, according to the pits encountered by the public, I will summarize the experience for the friends, I hope you can avoid it! 1. Ceramic or artificial stone is recommended for countertops in sanitary wares. This kind of material does not need to use detergent frequently, just wipe it with a damp cloth, and it has high hardness. Nowadays, ceramic products do not have to worry about 'brittleness' after processing. 2. Wash basins in sanitary ware products (1) When purchasing, look at the light from different angles to see that the glaze has no stains, pinholes, blisters or bubbles, and the surface is required to be smooth. (2) The water absorption capacity is weak, and the expansion degree is low, so that it is not easy to crack. You can put a few drops of ink on the surface and wipe it off in a few minutes. You can choose the ones with no traces on the surface. (3) The height should be moderate, 80-85 cm is better, too short will cause backache. 3. Faucet (1) Recommend ceramic valve core material (small water pollution, wear resistance, good sealing performance, long service life), and choose well-known sanitary ware brand. (2) When you switch the faucet handle repeatedly and touch the up and down switch with your hand, you can choose the one that has no sense of obstruction. (3) Press the surface of the faucet with your finger, and the fingerprint will quickly dissipate, indicating that the coating is good; the more the fingerprint is, the more flowery it is. (4) Pay attention to check whether there are defects in the coating of the corners and rounded corners. These details can show whether the electroplating process is excellent. 4. cabinet (1) Looking at the surface, if the surface paint has many small protruding particles, it is inferior paint and cannot be purchased; second, look at the board and ask the shopping guide to show the board sample to see which type of board it belongs to. If the budget permits, you should choose solid wood board (good moisture resistance), followed by PVC or MDF. (2) Smell: Smell the smell, open the closed cabinet door, if there is a pungent smell coming out, it can be judged that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, and it is not recommended to buy. (3) Question: Ask the shopping guide for a quality inspection report approved by a national testing agency, check the 24h water absorption thickness expansion rate, formaldehyde release, nail holding power, surface cracking resistance, and you can rest assured that the quality is qualified. (4) Cut: The opening and closing of the cabinet door and drawer should be smooth, and the gap should be tight; the opening angle of the cabinet door should be at least 90 degrees, the larger the angle, the more convenient it is to use. Precautions for the installation and use of sanitary ware (1) Before decoration, the drain hole should be kept well, and there should be a suitable distance, and the sanitary ware should be selected according to the size to prevent rework. (2) The bathroom has high humidity and the wooden surface is painted to avoid water intrusion caused by collision damage and shorten the life. (3) The bathroom cabinet feet have a certain height adjustment, which should be adjusted to the level during installation to avoid damage caused by uneven force. (4) The sanitary ware cannot be installed immediately after the tiles are pasted, it will be 3-7 days later; after the sanitary ware is installed, wait about 3 days before it can be used!
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