Lead-exceeding standard faucet retreat shape, stainless steel faucet upper position

Recently, the incident of excessive lead content in faucets (faucet decoration renderings) has become the focus of consumers' attention. The reporter visited a number of home improvement stores in the urban area and learned that many brand faucet products involved in this incident are still on sale. The sales staff said that the merchants have not received the manufacturer’s removal notice; some of them have not been detected with lead content. Well-known brands that exceed the standard have launched 'lead-free' brands to attract customers, but the prices are relatively high.

'Lead-free' faucets are generally thousands of dollars

In this report, most of the brands involved in lead-excess faucets are well-known sanitary ware brands at home and abroad. Among them, Spain (Spanish decoration renderings) Roca, American American Standard, Moen, Delta, and German GROHE are all faucets, Well-known foreign brands in the field of showers (shower decoration renderings), Jiumu, Hengjie, Shenluda, and Chenglin Gaobao are also mainstream brands in the domestic bathroom.

Are these questionable products sold in the Zhongshan market? The reporter visited the building materials stores such as Fuyi Decoration Plaza and Five-Star Decoration Plaza in the city and learned that, in addition to the leading products of Delta, American Standard, Moen, Grohe, and Roca , Jiumu, and Hengjie all set up specialty stores in these building materials stores, and they have not yet found that the exposed problem models of the above brands are on the market.

Lead can damage human nerves, hematopoietic and reproductive systems, and is even more harmful to children. It can affect their growth and intellectual development. In severe cases, it may cause dementia. After the exposure of the lead-containing faucet incident, some leading brands that have not been detected to contain excessive lead have launched the banner of 'lead-free' to attract consumers.

'Lead-free faucets are good faucets.' In Fuyi Decoration Plaza, Promei Sanitary Ware made such an advertisement. In addition to not leaking or rusting, all major faucet brands are now pushing 'lead-free' faucets. In Kohler Sanitary Ware, the sales staff recommended a rotating kitchen faucet priced at 1278 yuan, which uses 304 stainless steel and does not contain lead.

Mr. Guo, who is buying wash basins, said that when buying kitchen supplies, he usually pays attention to the workmanship, function and durability of the faucet, and has never thought about the problem of lead in the faucet.

Sanitary ware brand pushes stainless steel faucet

As poor quality lead-containing faucets are quite harmful, some new products have appeared on the market. Plummer, Kohler, Eagle and other sanitary ware brands said that because stainless steel does not contain lead, stainless steel faucets will occupy a very important position in the future market.

At present, many brands such as Kohler, Eagle, TOTO, etc. have launched stainless steel faucets. TOTO’s salesperson introduced: “Consumers have a new understanding of stainless steel faucets, and many brand faucets have been transformed. More and more businesses want to operate stainless steel faucets in the market.”

Industry insiders said that although the current market share of stainless steel faucets is not high, from the perspective of the overall bathroom development direction, stainless steel will gradually seize the copper faucet market.

However, because the price of stainless steel faucets is higher than that of copper faucets, some consumers are discouraged from new products. At present, there are many choices for ordinary faucets on the market at around 500 yuan, and stainless steel faucets usually cost nearly 1,000 yuan or even higher. The relevant person in charge of the Kohler store said that because the raw materials of stainless steel faucets are more expensive, the production process is very demanding, and the overall price of the product is also higher.

At present, many brands are developing new products, improving production lines, and reducing costs, in order to introduce special products at important points to attract consumers.

How to choose a faucet?

When choosing a faucet, the valve core is the key. Good quality products use ceramic valve cores. At the same time, we must carefully look at the electroplating quality of the faucet. In order to prevent the faucet from being oxidized, the surface of the faucet will be plated with a layer of nickel or chromium after being polished. Nickel or chromium has the function of resisting neutral hydrochloric acid, which will protect the faucet from being damaged for a long time. Corroded. When purchasing a faucet, check the surface of the faucet in a well-lit area for oxidation spots, pores, leakage plating, and burn marks. The product with uniform color and no burrs and grit is a good product.

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