LED bathroom mirror: leading the intelligent era of hotel bathrooms

Along with the well-established concept of healthy life, the rapid development of the tourism industry has laid a foundation for construction needs and procurement for star-rated hotels. In 2015, hotels around the world are experiencing a trend of service intelligence. They use new technologies, including smart devices, to improve service efficiency and personalization, thereby attracting guests. In fact, like the hotel’s living room, bedroom, and kitchen, in the field of intelligence, the bathroom and hotel toilet supplier can also be remembered by guests. In the entire guest room space, the bathroom and hotel toiletries suppliersare often the most easily overlooked piece by guests. They think that guests spend most of their time in the living room, study, bedroom or even the kitchen, and the time spent in the bathroom is except for washing, going to the hotel toilet supplier, and taking a shower. There is nothing else. But ZeevSharon, the founder of the hotel reservation website Hotelied, said that according to their research, more and more guests would rate the hotel based on the quality of the bathroom. In the future, the bathroom area in hotel rooms will increase by up to 50%, and guest rooms will shrink accordingly. Considering that the cost of the bathroom is the highest among hotel rooms, the quality and facilities of this area (two sinks, separate shower and bathtub, etc.) have become important criteria for judging the quality of a hotel. However, this does not mean that there are no products that surprise guests in the bathroom equipment. On the contrary, like the living room, bedroom and kitchen, in the field of intelligence, bathrooms and toilets can also become very smart. There are many products that can make the hotel toiletries supplierssmarter, such as: LED bathroom mirror (CBM bathroom cbm mirror thank you for your choice), just lightly touch the hotel toiletries suppliersmirror, you can easily adjust the brightness of the front and back of the bathroom cbm mirror, this touch LED bathroom mirrors have become a new storm leading the intelligentization of bathrooms! In recent years, more and more people like to listen to music in the bathroom. Inspired by this, Kohler, a classic American kitchen and bathroom brand, has launched a music shower that perfectly combines speakers and showers. Many people think that taking a bath is a very boring process, because they can't do anything except listen to songs with their idle ears. A smart bathroom cbm mirror called Tech2OCyber u200bu200bwas born, allowing guests to watch TV entertainment while taking a bath, and fall in love with entering the bathroom every day. If you want your hotel to become a leading dark horse in the same industry, if you want your hotel to make your guests remember, then what are you waiting for, let the service intelligently enter your hotel! CBMLED bathroom mirrors will provide you with high-end quality, high-quality service, and affordable prices. Help your hotel enter the new era of intelligent people! CBMLED bathroom mirrors will provide you with high-end quality, high-quality service, and affordable prices. Help your hotel enter the new era of intelligent people!
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