LED bathroom mirror material: environmental protection mirror

Nowadays, with the development of the times and the continuous improvement of living standards, people are gradually paying attention to the value of environmental protection while pursuing materials. Even the common glass mirrors in our daily life are no exception, whether in public or in public places. In daily homes, window glass is still a hotel toilet supplier mirror. Glass is an indispensable part of our lives. Therefore, environmental protection mirrors are also produced in the market according to the needs of development. Mirrors are generally divided into silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors. The paint used on the back of these two mirrors contains lead, so strictly speaking, they cannot be regarded as environmentally friendly mirrors. In recent years, the silver mirror technology has made breakthroughs, and lead-free paint can be used instead. This kind of cbm mirror is called a lead-free and copper-free mirror, which can also be called an environmentally friendly cbm mirror. The back paint of this kind of mirror is light gray, it is rarely sold in China, and almost all of it is exported. The processing technology of the environmental protection cbm mirror is firstly based on the glass polishing and cleaning, then rinse, sensitize, rinse again, silver plating, rinse, and then start plating the first layer of paint, drying, plating the second layer of paint, after drying, you can Finished product. The lead content in the paint of aluminum mirrors is still high and cannot be called environmentally friendly mirrors. Environmental protection mirrors can better meet people's daily needs. CBMLED hotel toiletries suppliersmirror adheres to the concept of environmental protection. The product material adopts environmental protection mirrors, which are made into bathroom mirrors through multiple processes, striving to develop the concept of environmental protection to thousands of households.
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