Look at these, is your bedroom out?


The bedrooms in modern homes are generally not too big,

But usually it is more than just sleeping.

There may be many other functions.

Such as clothing storage, office, audio-visual audio-visual, etc.

So the design of the bedroom is important

Today, Minmetals brings you several small bedroom cases for reference

The whole style is in log style

There is a small desk for reference. For temporary work or reading

A small tatami is set up next to the small desk

The design of the bed is also very clever

The foldable design method is used


When not sleeping, you can fold the bed into the wall

This makes the available space of the bedroom become larger

It can be used as a bedroom


It can also be used as a small meeting area


This One format is similar to the first one.

But the storage space is really large.

The storage is made with some spare space and does not take up space.

Make the overall room look neater

The third set

Although this one has many colors,


But the clever thing is that I don’t feel dazzled and there will be visual fatigue.

On the contrary, it is so natural

The fourth set< /p>

Except for black, this design is in original wood color.


The fifth set

The area of u200bu200bthis set is small

But the overall color is bright

The space layout is compact and practical

The vision is also very comfortable, and it is well scattered

The key point is that in such a small space

None of the functions that a bedroom should have has been pulled down

After reading this Five sets of designs, how do you feel?

Do you have the urge to remodel your own bedroom

So, the bedroom can not be big or luxurious

But you must make yourself feel comfortable

My heart is at home, right?

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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