Main Representative of Polished Tile Series


Main representative of polished tiles series

Today is the main representative of the polished tile series. Everyone knows that the polished tile is a bright tile made from the surface of the whole body brick. It is a kind of whole body brick, but compared with the whole body brick, polished The surface of the bricks is much smoother, hard and wear-resistant. Coupled with the bleeding technique, the effect of imitation stone and wood can be made.

The first to appear is the representative of the oozing series of engineering bricks: 8A004

Compared with the traditional paper decoration, the color glaze decoration has its particularity. In terms of appearance, her texture is not repeated, and her feathers are light and graceful, just like a graceful and colorful woman and her dancing partner in elegant and harmonious dance steps, which are more refined, and there is no lack of natural smoothness. In terms of internal aspects, it has a strong sense of transparency, the surface texture is like a snow dance, self-cleaning and anti-fouling, unlimited home decoration applications, strong adaptability, and it is the best choice in engineering.

Next comes the home improvement representative of the Rainbow series: 8M001

He added translucent crystal materials on the basis of the original craftsmanship, making the overall effect more artistic and the texture more delicate. Because you will feel very shocked when you see him, you have been conquered by him only from the appearance, the clear and smooth random imitation stone texture makes his three-dimensional effect more vivid. The inherent advantages are not only strong hardness, but also ultra-low water absorption and strong stain resistance. Suitable for balconies, villas, etc.

Today's two main representatives of polished tiles are finished, and look forward to the next polished tiles.

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