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Make Your Bathroom Life Better!

Make Your Bathroom Life Better!


When you drag your tired body back home,and want to take a bath,to relax yourself, and get rid of the worries and fatigue of the day,upgrade your bathroom with accessories with CBM. Whether you’re looking for towel racks, toilet paper holders,Soap basket or bath safe handle, we have everything you need and can get the accessories that match your style at a price that matches your budget.

Bath Accessories

In showering, putting on makeup, doing our hair and shaving, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. Make sure you have everything you need handy with stylish, practical bathroom accessories. This includes all the things you use most, like your toothbrush holder, waste basket, bathroom mirror and soap dish. Storage jars are great for holding those cotton balls, cotton swabs and makeup remover pads. Don’t forget about bathroom organizers to keep all your razors, combs and brushes, and beauty essentials organized and in one place.


Set the tone of your bathroom with a stylish finish. Choose a finish that’s elegant or edgy, but also resists corrosion, tarnish and fingerprints. Some of our most popular finishes include brushed nickel, chrome, bronze and matte black.


Bathroom Safety

Help prevent slipping in the bathtub or shower with the right bathroom safety equipment. Consider installing grab bars. Grab bars provide support for getting in and out of the shower or bathtub. Bathtub seats and shower chairs offer a safer and more convenient place to sit while bathing or showering, while bathtub mats provide traction to help prevent slips and falls.

Outside of the tub or shower, consider a slip-resistant bath mat or bath rug. Bath rugs not only add a style element to the bathroom, but they also keep the floors dry and more comfortable under foot. Another bath safety element to keep in mind is a toilet seat riser. These sit higher than a standard toilet, making commode access easier and safer.


Let’s Start from CBM!And make your bathroom a relaxing, stress-free place that’s also beautiful and expresses your own personal style. It all starts with the right bathroom accessories. We’ve thought of all the little things for you. From bathroom scales and bath towels to toilet brushes and cabinets, we can supply one-stop-solution service for all bath.

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