Marble tiles sell so hot, then what is it?


Every time a new product category emerges in the floor tile market, it will definitely become a boost for the floor tile service industry and promote the development trend of the floor tile service industry. Nowadays, as the floor tile service industry in mainland China is sluggish, the new product category of marble tiles stands out. It is also unique in the floor tile service industry, and it is soaring. What is the reason for the promotion of marble tiles? Rapid development momentum?

Feature 1: Realistic color contrast texture and pattern. Marble has attracted the attention of many consumer markets with its gorgeous appearance design. Sometimes 'when marble is used as a decoration building material, there are generally uncontrollable textures, patterns and color differences, and it is difficult to guarantee the actual effect when used in large areas.' Disadvantages. In addition, the texture and pattern of each marble floor tile are all different. Just because the texture and pattern are different, it also shows that it cannot be copied. If it is damaged, it will inevitably lead to integrity. Chromatic aberration. The reason why marble tiles can be used as substitutes for marble slabs is widespread. It is important to imitate the pure natural actual effects of marble slabs, smooth, delicate and soft, bright, fresh and natural, especially with the improvement of contemporary technological innovation capabilities. Marble tiles will more and more meet the needs of the consumer market for pure natural color contrast texture and grain requirements.

Feature 2: Superior performance. Hardness: Marble belongs to the hardness stone plate, the hardness is mostly about 3; the relative density of marble tile products is higher, and the hardness is more than 5, which is more wear-resistant, easier to clean, and more resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. What's more worth mentioning is that as a natural marble, marble is taken from nature and belongs to a non-renewable resource. It will be exhausted one day. Even if marble tiles cannot completely replace natural marble, sometimes as a decorative material wholesale product with better overall performance than stone slabs, its market recognition and demand will increase.

Feature 3: Very high cost performance. The price of marble is relatively high, most of the prices are relatively expensive, and its structural characteristics are relatively loose, more pores, easier to crack, pattern patterns are also flawed, and the water absorption rate is much higher than that of porcelain glazed tiles, so it is usually polished and beaten. Wax maintenance, maintenance costs are also relatively high relative to the price, for this reason, most of the marble is used in five-star hotels, clubs, villas and other business places. In addition, the floor tiles have high strength, abrasion resistance and impact resistance, so engineering construction and maintenance are much more convenient and faster than natural marble in this respect, and it is easier to clean and maintain. In addition, the mass production of marble tiles has small pattern differences, stable supply, high replaceability, and its high price/performance ratio is more able to attract the attention of the consumer market.

In addition, the post-80s and post-90s generations will increasingly consider more cost-effective raw materials during the whole process of house decoration in the later period. Marble tiles are relatively cost-effective compared to marble slabs. Higher, more likely to become the choice of this type of group. In the whole process of design and conception, the matching degree of marble tiles with the design concept will increase, and the development trend of marble tiles will be expanded to a greater extent. The industry has replaced natural marble in many places, so that designers have more and more choices. . With the continuous improvement of the production and processing technology of marble tiles, super wear-resistant products will appear in the near future.

From the analysis of the current situation of overcapacity in the manufacturing industry in the current situation of overcapacity in the manufacturing industry, it can be seen that the future ceramic tile market is divided The trend of development is becoming more and more significant. With the continuous technological innovation and core concept innovation carried out by large-scale floor tile enterprises, its brand advantages will gradually become prominent. In the new sales market environment, the core concept of simple, stylish, and environmentally friendly interior decoration is popular, which can further promote the division of floor tile product categories and promote the continuous expansion of new product categories. Marble tiles, a new commodity category, will continue to develop rapidly and become another key driving force for the floor tile manufacturing industry.

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