Material function design determines the price of bathroom products


Recent surveys have found that driven by consumer consumption trends, current sanitary ware has gradually shifted from pure use value to simple and generous functional design, and more and more attention is paid to the combination of usability and aesthetics. The sanitary ware industry will show The development trend of variety diversification. However, the prices of sanitary ware products on the market are very different. It seems that the coexistence of practical and economic products is not an easy task. According to industry insiders, the current price difference of sanitary ware on the market mainly has the following three factors:


Current sanitary ware is mainly made of ceramic materials, so the quality and cost of ceramics It is the main reason for determining the price. Taking the toilet as an example, the quality of the product can be seen from both the internal quality and the external quality. Intrinsic quality mainly refers to issues such as whether the ceramic formula is reasonable, whether the firing process is sophisticated, and the water absorption of the finished product; the external quality can be seen with the eyes, such as the appearance design, product performance, surface finish, etc. A high-quality ceramic toilet must have both a good 'core' and a good appearance. Sophisticated craftsmanship can produce ceramic products with low water absorption, with moist appearance, good frost resistance, smooth surface, and easy to wash; the carefully designed appearance brings beauty; good performance makes the toilet water-saving and flushing clean. .

Functional technology content

A good sanitary ware product must be able to have relatively complete functions, to meet the modern lifestyle, and more High-level needs. First of all, work on more comfort, such as technology, comfort, convenience, entertainment and other functions, which make people feel the technological care of modern life. The toilet that can sing can flip and land by itself, and the seat is heated at constant temperature, repeatedly washed with warm water, and dried. Deodorization, disinfection, night vision lighting, music, LCD temperature display and other functions are selected. Secondly, the appearance design conforms to people's daily living habits and ergonomics, green environmental protection, water-saving, 4.5-liter water toilet, ultra-low-lead water-saving faucet... The functional difference is also doomed to the price gap.

Appearance design

Consumers not only require its sanitation and cleaning functions, but also require the integration of health care, appreciation, technology, and entertainment functions. . From the simple use value to gradually concise and generous, the design style is more in line with the aesthetic concept of modern people, and the various styles of sanitary products can better reflect the life interest of contemporary people and make the sanitary ware also personalized. The design concept is also the reason for the high prices of some sanitary ware products.

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