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Matte touch switch

by:CBM     2021-08-08
I have introduced touch switches and infrared sensor switches to you before. Today I will introduce you to one of the touch switches, the non-light touch switch. The touch switch of the general LED bathroom mirror shows red light when the light is not turned on (as shown). But some customers like that no matter whether the LED light is turned on or not, there is no need to touch the switch with a bright cbm mirror, so we CBM also made a non-light touch switch for this. As the name suggests, this kind of touch switch will not emit light before or after turning on the LED, such as the picture of the LED bathroom fittingsmirror with this kind of irrelevant touch switch after turning on the light. It is a bathroom cbm mirror with a conventional touch switch. We can see that this kind of cbm mirror displays blue light when the light is turned on. If you are curious about this matte touch switch bathroom fittingsmirror, please contact the editor for consultation. The above article is from CBM. CBM, accompany you smart every day.
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