Minmetals Sanitary Ware: Professionally build stainless steel faucets to meet the new national standard

In recent years, food safety issues have caused people's concern. When the terror cloud caused by 'killers' such as waste oil, melamine, and Sudan red that endanger human health has not completely dissipated, the 'faucet lead precipitation exceeding standard' incident has been triggered again. The attention of the Chinese people. 'In one lead test, 9 of 13 common household faucets were unqualified, among which the highest exceeded the national standard by 34 times, and many of them were well-known brands.' Such survey results worrisome consumers. The faucets used every day turned out to be the source of lead pollution. ! In order to solve the problem of people’s daily diet safety and ensure the quality of life of the people, the National Standards Committee of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the 'most stringent' new national standard in history, which strictly stipulated the standard for faucets. Launched healthy and environmentally friendly faucets to protect consumers' health.

The introduction of the new national standard will be a reshuffle of the sanitary ware industry, a survival of the fittest, and the rights and interests of consumers will be better protected. The new national standard has made clear limit requirements for the amount of heavy metal precipitation in faucets. Among them, the calculated value of lead detection is not more than 5μg/L (micrograms per liter). This is undoubtedly a requirement for manufacturers in terms of production skills, production processes and production equipment. Higher requirements. Minmetals Sanitary Ware entered the sanitary ware industry and introduced stainless steel health faucets. Through technological transformation, they created German quality and sold them at Chinese prices.

Beginning in 2009, Minmetals Sanitary Ware began to invest in the development and small-batch manufacturing of stainless steel faucets. After 4 years of technical research and heavy investment, it has been eliminated several times, and it is now the third-generation production line. Minmetals Sanitary Ware’s Ru0026D investment, trial production investment and fixed investment in the construction of the two bases have been close to 1 billion yuan. Among them, the investment in land, plant and equipment exceeds 700 million yuan, Ru0026D investment is 100 million yuan, and there are 200 million yuan in trial production products. During the research process, about half of the nearly one million products produced were produced by old technology, and the quality of the products could not be compared with the new products. Su Zengfu gave an order to not allow sales because the products manufactured by Minmetals Sanitary Ware must be worthy of consumption The author's trust in the three words 'Minmetals Sanitary Ware'.

As a new member of the bathroom industry, Minmetals Sanitary The goal of the revised national standard is to completely solve the problem of lead hazards for consumers.

Minmetals Sanitary Ware, which started in the industry, has been focusing on building big brands in the industry. The leading position of Minmetals Sanitary Ware and Cookware Industry has been unshakable. Entering into the sanitary ware industry once again to create a pillar industry, using quality to make Minmetals Sanitary Ware into the sanitary industry Well-known brand.

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