Mirror cabinet and bathroom cabinet combination

cabinets can be said to be very common in life. The mirror cabinet itself was invented for the convenience of daily use. In addition to looking at the mirror, it also provides a storage function. With the continuous enrichment of personal needs, several types of cbm mirror cabinets have appeared. For example, in a common mirror cabinet, the mirror is placed outside the mirror cabinet, and then the cabinet is opened after the door is opened. Another example is a mirror-concealed cbm mirror cabinet that hides the cbm mirror in the cabinet and can only be seen after opening the cabinet door. After the mirror cabinet is matched with the bathroom cabinet, it can provide more space for placing items. Taking into account that the mirror cabinets are installed at a height that is easier for people to reach, the bathroom cabinets are located under the mirror cabinets. Therefore, after choosing this combination, you can put small commonly used items in the mirror cabinet, and the less commonly used or larger items can be placed in the bathroom fittingscabinet. Of course, in addition to the combination of mirror cabinets and bathroom cabinets, there are also the combination of ordinary bathroom mirrors and bathroom fittingscabinets, the combination of smart bathroom mirrors and bathroom cabinets, and so on. Each combination has different characteristics. For example, mirror cabinets have more storage space; ordinary bathroom mirrors take up less space; smart bathroom mirrors seem to have a sense of technology.
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