Modern and simple decoration style floor tiles are not only black, white and gray.


From modern modernism to minimalism, it has become a kind of 'loveIt is an inevitable trend that the ceramic industry, whether domestic or foreign, has always been pushing light-color products. In the past, all products were mostly large-size, antique, and water mill series. Most of the colors were light colors, such light colors or Is black, white and gray equivalent to modern minimalist style?

How to understand the modern minimalist style? Simplicity, to put it bluntly, means less but refined, and the essence is extracted from the complexity. To achieve everyone's perceptual and rational needs for the space environment in a concise and clear form, this is also the design style that is emerging in the global society today-minimalism. They are an attitude to life, but they are not highlighted in a cold posture.

With the continuous improvement of contemporary people's aesthetic demand, simple and refined house decoration has become the mainstream product at this stage. In recent years, the modern and simple style of black, white and gray has been loved by everyone, and light-colored products have become more popular. Many well-known brand exhibition halls will choose black, white and gray cool colors as the main color matching of the interior space. But returning to real life, everyone rarely uses black, white, gray and cool colors as the main color of the home. After all, daily life needs to be colorful, and everyone will always find ways to make the home look more daily. Taste of life and fun. In addition to the cool colors of black, white and gray, some bright and bright colors will be used for decoration. This shows that everyone's pursuit of color is better, and it is difficult for monotonous black, white and gray to meet everyone's needs. On the contrary, multiple types of color products will have more advantages in the sales market.

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