Music function in LED bathroom mirror

Speaking of current smart mirrors, in addition to the most basic LED mirrors, the most interesting thing is the music cbm mirror. This kind of mirror that can play music can always cause many people to stop. It can connect to the mirror through the phone's Bluetooth to play music that comes with the phone or on a music player. In addition to music, it can also be used to broadcast radio, news, etc. The operation of this kind of music cbm mirror is very simple. Press the bluetooth button on the cbm mirror surface, and then turn on the bluetooth function of the mobile phone. After the connection is successful, the music of the mobile phone can be played. After playing music on the mobile phone, in addition to using the mobile phone to cut songs and adjust the volume, you can also control these things through the touch switch of the mirror. Take the touch switch as an example. Press the third button from the left, and then press the first or second button from the left to adjust the volume. The 19 in the middle is the current volume value. The higher the number, the louder the sound. Instead of pressing the third button from the left, pressing the first and second buttons will switch to the next or previous song.
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