my country's faucet industry is about to usher in the 'lead-free era'

Faucets are touched every day in people's lives. With the improvement of people's environmental protection concepts, water saving has become an important criterion for the quality of faucets. But few people know that water-saving faucets is only one of the links, and that excessive lead in faucets is currently the biggest hidden danger. Excessive lead can cause anemia, heart disease, osteoporosis and other diseases. In view of this, some socially responsible sanitary ware manufacturers such as Kohler and Nanhai Minmetals have begun to introduce lead-free faucets that are both water-saving and environmentally friendly. Once the products are launched, they immediately become popular in the market.

At the 18th China (Shanghai) International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition held on May 28, 2013, domestic and foreign brand manufacturers such as Nanhai Minmetals and Kohler will show people the advantages of lead-free faucets through the exhibition . It is reported that the lead-free faucet brought by Nanhai Minmetals to the exhibition was favored by consumers when it was launched on the market. On May 26, a Nanhai Minmetals specialty store in Xi'an opened. More than 3,000 sets of this lead-free faucet were sold on the same day, with sales of more than 500,000 yuan. Faced with the lead-free products in such a popular market, Liu Ying, the marketing director of Nanhai Minmetals, revealed that “it is expected that in the next 8-10 years, the global output value of Nanhai Minmetals' lead-free stainless steel sanitary ware will exceed 10 billion yuan.”

It is understood that behind the best-selling lead-free faucets of Nanhai Minmetals, there is also a story about Su Zengfu, the founder of Nanhai Minmetals Cookware Kingdom. According to Su Zengfu, despite the fact that this “zero lead” faucet from Nanhai Minmetals is just a small product, it has spent 700 million yuan in research and development costs and scrapped two generations of production lines. 'In the years of research and development, we have made more than 2 million faucets with a total value of 200 million yuan, but none of them are sold because the quality of the products is not as good as those made in Germany, and the price cannot be affordable for the Chinese people. Wait until the combination When the third-generation production line, which was independently researched and developed, was put into production, the craftsmanship of stainless steel faucets reached the standards of the United States and Germany, but the price was only half that of American and German manufacturers.'

According to relevant data, the current market share of lead-free faucets in my country is less than 21.2%. In the market environment where the pressure of lead-free innovation is increasing, my country's lead-free faucet industry has a huge prospect. Industry experts said that with the imminent implementation of the 'Lead-Free Act' in the United States, the new national standard for China's faucet industry is also being revised. In the next few years, my country's faucet industry will usher in a 'lead-free era'.

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