Negative ion tiles have improved the air quality of the home to a great extent


In recent years, more and more people like to go to the original ecological attractions to give a little respite from the high pressure life and enjoy the refreshing scenery. The temptation is the pure air. When it comes to good air, nothing is more important. 'Negative ions' So what exactly are 'negative ions'. The negatively charged gas molecules in the air are negative ions. Negative ions can purify the air to improve the ecological environment, and are also called 'air vitamins'.

There are four main principles for the generation of negative ions:

1. The atmosphere is ionized under the influence of ultraviolet rays, thunderstorms and other factors, and electrons combine with gas molecules to become negative ions.

2. Negative ions are generated under the impact of waterfalls, rainstorms and other natural processes.

3. Forest trees, leaf branch discharge and green plants photosynthesis produce negative ions.

4. Some crustal rocks can release negative ions.

Negative air ions in the natural world are constantly produced and disappeared, maintaining a state of dynamic equilibrium. Negative ion ceramic tiles: redefine the value of ceramic tiles, so that ceramic tile products have reached the goal of 'beautifying the living environment'. Ordinary tiles can only beautify the exterior environment in the living space, that is, the part that is seen; while the negative ion tiles beautify the external environment, they also beautify the internal environment in the living space, that is, the part that is felt.

What is the principle of negative ion generation in negative ion tiles?

Negative ion ceramic tiles are made of natural mineral raw materials, while using national invention patent technology to stimulate water molecules in the air, thereby generating a large number of air anions; anion can effectively degrade air PM2.5, PM10, formaldehyde and other harmful substances play a role in purifying the air. At present, the domestic urban environment is seriously polluted, and the air quality such as formaldehyde caused by indoor decoration makes it difficult for the air quality of the living space to meet this health standard. The introduction of negative ion tiles effectively solves the above problems. This kind of harmful substances can remove formaldehyde, remove peculiar smell, and purify the air. Negative ion tiles are still tiles on the body, and the 3C standards for radioactivity are also very strict, so naturally there will be no problems with exceeding the standards. Of course, choosing the right brand is very important when buying negative ion tiles! Negative ion tile is a healthy tile that can produce negative ions and purify the air. It can effectively remove formaldehyde and remove peculiar smells. It is the 'nemesis' of indoor decoration pollution sources. Every brick sold is a contribution to the clean air of the family!

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