New definition of marble-new natural


The new definition of Minmetals marble

I. Breaking through with innovation and taking reality further

For many consumers who like marble tiles, the more marble tiles resemble natural marble, the better , The stronger the alternative, the more I like it. In response to increasing consumer demand, Minmetals Ceramics has successfully developed a series of 'new natural'-breakthroughs in technology, effects, textures, etc., beyond the bottleneck of the color of the base, and realized the natural characteristics of ceramic tiles.

In order to achieve a more realistic effect, Minmetals Ceramics has made innovative breakthroughs. It uses special technology and adds special green color materials to make the ceramic tile body just like the original stone texture, realizing the new natural series. The full-body texture on the surface and the inside makes the stone more realistic; no matter the groove, chamfering, edging, etc., it can be used freely, and the color effect is like the original appearance of natural marble. Abrasion resistance, various processing, application more freely and good physical properties.

Minmetals New Natural not only has the original stone texture, it is better than stone in the treatment of gloss. After repeated comparisons of natural stone, combined with ergonomics and space applications, the home light is more scientific and healthier.

Second, one brick, one world

In terms of texture creation, Minmetals Ceramics integrates global natural stone resources and extracts world stones from colors, textures, textures, gloss, and bricks. The body restores the texture and texture of natural stone, pure and natural, outstandingly integrated, and glowing with noble temperament. Each style is different, allowing you to feel a brick and a world.

Minmetals New Natural, a carefully crafted natural artwork, is precisely tailor-made by Minmetals for consumers who love marble. As soon as the product was launched, it was favored by many young consumers and designers, and was highly praised. Brand new space, personalized home, Minmetals new natural marble will be yours.

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