New product negative ion tiles hit Jinmangu!


When household decoration needs to buy ceramic tiles, consumers usually choose some better ceramic tiles. Minmetals Ceramics launched several new simple European and simple negative ion tiles in October, suitable for home improvement, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, etc.

Negative ion whole body marble tile 8F103

Negative ion whole body marble tile 8F108

Negative ion full-body marble tile 8F110

Minmetals anion tile can continuously generate negative ions, increase the concentration of negative ions in the indoor air, improve indoor air quality, and improve human health.

Negative ions are called air vitamins, and negative ion tiles create a safe and healthy space environment. Engineering bricks, fully polished glazed floor tiles, whole-body marble tiles, diamond floor tiles, etc. support the processing and wholesale of custom-made home improvement tiles.

Negative ion whole body energy marble: thicker, harder and more whole body Anion air has important biological effects. It can directly act on the human's central nervous system and blood circulation, effectively improving Brain function, enhance the body's immunity, promote metabolism and eliminate human fatigue, anion tile new generation home essentials

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