New products of Jinman ancient ceramics are coming!


In 2018, there are several new members of Minmetals Ceramic Environmental Ceramics. Want to buy cost-effective and environmentally friendly Foshan ceramic tiles for less? In fact, you don't need to go anywhere, you can find it when you come to Minmetals Ceramics. We will give you preferential quality Foshan ceramic tiles in a short period of time with preferential prices.

Full body marble tile 856TT

Full body marble tile 860TT

Negative ion tile 8F101

Negative ion tile 8F102

In fact, I want to buy simple and affordable tiles All you need to do is come to Foshan Minmetals to visit!

Going to Minmetals to purchase environmentally friendly marble tiles and negative ion full-body marble tiles is the right choice for savvy buyers. Minmetals Ceramics has been focusing on making ceramic tiles for more than 14 years, 89% of which are repeat customers. It is produced on the same production line as the top ten brands in the industry. We have a 30,000-square-meter transit warehouse, 7 production lines and a production and service team of more than 1,000 people. 800*800, 300*600, 600*1200 specification tiles can fully guarantee the punctual delivery and after-sales service. Minmetals Ceramics has established a reputation for 14 years and will definitely give you value-for-money environmentally friendly tiles. Welcome to buy these negative ion tiles and marble tiles!

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