Notice for purchasing marble tiles:


Notice for purchasing marble tiles:

Since this year, marble tiles have been welcomed by many customers, and more and more marble tiles are used in homes. However, there are not a thousand brands of marble tiles on the market and hundreds of households. Basic testing can no longer distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of marble. Now, Minmetals is here to give you a targeted explanation.

1. Marble texture

As far as the nature of ceramic tiles is concerned, marble tiles are actually a kind of imitation tiles, and the imitated texture decoration effect is its important value. Few building materials are as beautiful as marble. There are dozens of different varieties of marble, the color range from black to pink to white, and even dark green with white texture. Marble can complement many different decorative styles, from classical to ultra-modern. Therefore, the first consideration for marble tiles is its fidelity.

Two, the repetition of marble lines

The tiles chosen during decoration should avoid repeated textures to give the space a harsh feeling. Try not to choose repeated textures on the stone texture of the tiles. It is more attractive to choose distinctive features.

Third, the surface color of marble tiles

The main process of making marble tiles is the inkjet process. The surface of marble is as smooth and translucent as a glass mirror. The surface should be permeated layer by layer, which is more realistic. It restores the natural luster of natural stone and is better than natural stone.

Fourth, the degree of vitrification of marble tiles

Water absorption is one of the basis for measuring the quality of ceramic tiles. Pour some water on the back of the tiles to see the water absorption rate. The water absorption rate is an important factor in determining the quality of the tiles. The lower the water absorption of the tile, the higher the density. In this way, the dense brick holes are not easy to absorb water and dirt and are easy to clean. The higher the degree of vitrification, the stronger the brick body will be and the less water seepage.

5. The hardness of marble tiles

The friction, scratches and even bruises of children's stool tools are always unavoidable in the use of ceramic tiles in the family. Therefore, to a certain extent, marble tiles that are hard and wear-resistant have become marble tiles. One of the factors is that the abrasion resistance and hardness of marble tiles are also required to be very high.

Sixth, the specifications of marble tiles

Because marble tiles are a new thing, the specifications of tiles on the market are uneven, and large-size marble tiles are becoming more and more popular. Generally, customers will have the buying psychology of 'big bricks appear more atmosphericBut in fact, the size of ceramic tiles is not as big as possible. To be precise, the purchase of marble tiles should be determined according to the actual home space area, so as not to affect the beauty of the room space.

Just like the ceramic tiles of Minmetals, compared with other brands, it is surpassed, especially the marble tiles of this new product. If you don't believe it, you can come and have a look.

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