OEM 304 faucet is the best choice for basin faucet

The washbasin faucet is a common hardware appliance in our daily life. It is indispensable for daily washing. Its volume may not be large but its effect is definitely not small. It is related to our daily use experience. Moreover, poor quality basin faucets may even harm human skin and even health, so it is undoubtedly important to choose high-quality basin faucets. There are two points to be said when choosing to buy from the material:

Choose a basin faucet made of copper

Nowadays, the technology of all-copper faucets has been very mature, occupying most of the market share, and being widely liked by consumers. After electroplating, the all-copper washbasin faucet is not only beautiful and heavy, but also durable. Be sure to ask in detail that it is a real all-copper faucet. In most cases, many consumers can tell whether it is an all-brass faucet by weight and sound. All-bronze faucets are generally heavier, and the sound is dull and low when tapped. I personally recommend that you try to use all-copper basin faucets.

Choose a washbasin faucet with a ceramic valve core

Nowadays, the quality faucets on the market usually have a service life of more than 5 years and can be opened 500,000 times smoothly. From the statistics, it can be seen that a high-quality faucet valve core is directly related to the experience of basin use and an important part of the life of the faucet, and the valve core of this type of faucet is mostly of ceramic quality, while the traditional copper core in the past is easy to age and is not durable. Therefore, it is recommended to choose ceramic valve core at this stage.

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