One space, 'a piece of tile' tiles


If we say that larger size tiles are technological innovations in the industry, so 'a space,'a tile' tile' is an innovation in design thinking. At the same time, this innovation has surpassed the limitations of machinery and equipment, and is based on people's ideas. Feel free to look forward to. The 900X1800mm unique infinite continuous pattern design concept is adopted, with the dense seam paving process, which is like natural marble, and it has a natural sense of unity. A space is like only 'a piece of tile' tiles, which has won unanimous praise and high recognition.

The area of u200bu200beach tile of the large slab marble tile is very large. The 'seamless connection' basically does not require extra modeling and cutting. Tiles are laid one by one. The overall effect is simple and atmospheric, and the shocking visual effect and beauty are unmatched by ordinary tiles. Especially for a part of large-area walls and floors, the visual effects of large slabs are often brought into full play.

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