Original Diamond--Diamond


The original diamond--diamond

Diamonds are commonly known as 'diamonds'. It is the original body of the diamond we often say. It is a mineral composed of carbon, which is an allotrope of carbon. Diamond is a hard substance among many naturally occurring substances currently found on the earth.

Because the diamond tiles in the Foshan market have already been faintly occupied, it has high gloss and is relatively wear-resistant, and it does not give people too heavy feeling on the level. Generally speaking, the sales volume of diamond tiles far exceeds others. Tile type.

In detail, there are the following benefits:

1. There is no water wave

The diamond ceramic tile adopts the secondary firing super crystal technology, the DS crystal glaze is applied for multiple times, and the 1180 degree high temperature and constant temperature secondary firing completely eliminates the generation of water ripples. The product is harder and flatter, and the surface shows a mirror effect. , Shining like a diamond, giving people a luxurious visual experience.

Two, no dirt absorption

The double-fired super-crystal technology called diamond tiles makes the diamond base harder, more stable in physical properties, and less easy to absorb dirt. The DS crystal glaze multiple application process once again effectively reduces the intrusion of stains. The 360-degree sealing technology makes the product 360-degree anti-fouling and completely eliminates the phenomenon of product absorption.

Three, more wear-resistant

The super abrasion resistance of diamond glaze is due to its DS crystallized glaze and secondary glazing process. The special crystallized glaze layer is thicker and more wear-resistant than the ordinary glaze layer, so there is no need to worry about household scratches. Sand grinding flowers. Always keep the same as when you first saw it, and if your life is just as you saw it at first sight, then you are talking about diamond tiles.

Fourth, high gloss

Diamond glaze diamond adopts DS crystal glaze with better crystallinity and light transmittance to apply glaze multiple times to make the product obtain higher brightness. The surface gloss is more than 103 like a mirror---smooth, brighter and more spacious, adding a luxurious feeling.

Suitable for a warm atmosphere, marble tiles add a luxurious atmosphere to the entire living room space, with natural colors and realistic textures.

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