Popular tile colors-tile color matching skills


1. Black and white tile matching

  Black and white tile matching

The classic matching method will never be out of date. Simple, atmospheric, stylish black and white, giving people a comfortable and simple feeling. If you like simple, modern and simple decoration style, you can try this outdated black and white floor tile color combination.

2. Coffee color and gray tile matching

  The combination of coffee color and gray is also a more popular color combination. The brown ceramic tiles give people an elegant feeling, and when paired with the dim black, it is even more elegant. The color matching of brown-gray tiles gives people the feeling of atmosphere and temperament. You might as well try this combination.

3. Matching of light, white and gray tiles

   light, white and The combination of gray tiles is deeply loved by people who like small and fresh styles. This combination is also the right choice for people who like simple, even monochromatic shapes and structures. The cool colors and distinctive features of these tiles accentuate the softness of the furnishings.

4. Light cream and yellow-brown tile matching

  The combination of light cream and yellow-brown tiles can make the overall design more rich , And it will feel very elegant visually. The effect of the combination of these two colors can make the whole home soft and warm, which will affect the atmosphere of the whole family. In the area where you choose to lay tiles, you can use these two colors to match a very unique style, which will make you feel refreshed in an instant.

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