Practical skills of ceramic tiles


One look: look at the color and flatness. Generally speaking, the clearer the color of the tiles, the better. Check with the naked eye for pinholes. Pinholes can easily accumulate stolen goods.

Second Listening: Listen to the density of the sound by tapping. The crisp sound indicates that the ceramic tile has high porcelain density and hardness, and good quality.

Three tests: on-site measurement. Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the four sides and diagonals of the tiles to check the size.

Four scratches: See the quality from the traces. To check the surface quality of the tiles, you can use a hard object to scrape the tile glaze to judge the surface hardness of the tiles.

Five tests: look at the water absorption rate of tiles. Generally speaking, the low water absorption rate of ceramic tiles means that the higher the internal stability of the ceramic tiles, the more suitable the space (such as toilets and kitchens) with high humidity or moisture content, and will not cause problems such as dark spots. The common method for checking the water absorption of tiles is to pour water on the back of the tiles. The quality of tiles that penetrate slowly or even impermeable is better, and vice versa.

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