Precautions for choosing 304 stainless steel

Observe whether the color of the surface of the 304 stainless steel plate is bright and smooth, whether the thickness is uniform or rough. When purchasing, you should choose excellent products that have been assessed by the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. Long-term use testimony and good reputation among customers are the most direct and effective way to purchase. Steel plates often have heavy skins and pitting. Under normal circumstances, these cannot be avoided and basically do not affect the use, but you must choose as few as possible when purchasing.

1. From the price analysis, if 304 stainless steel plate is even lower than the general price of 301 material in the market, be careful

Distinguish, it is likely to be fake from other materials;

2. Identify whether the board is stamped with the words '304' on the board, and ask for the manufacturer's quality certificate as a voucher;

3. It can be tested with acidic reagents, and the material 304 will not change color after 30 seconds;

4. Buy in large quantities, samples can be drawn and sent to the national authoritative testing center for component testing.

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